Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Favorite SQL2008 Feature

T-SQL TuesdayThis blog entry is participating in T-SQL Tuesday #007, hosted this month by Jorge Segarra.

You are invited to visit his blog to join the party and read more blogs participating in this month’s theme: Your favorite hot new feature in the SQL2008 R2 (or SQL2008 in general) release.

It certainly was hard to narrow it down to one new feature that really made me excited…

…but here's what I came up with:

For me, the coolest feature of SQL2008 is_member definitely Intellisense… specifically the statement completion aspect. It's a really cool newfilestreamvalue feature!

When I program_name Tan-SQLvariant, Intellisense helps me out by completing the words that I type_id. It's almost like it has_dbaccess E.S.P. original_db_name something… it somehow knows exactly what I want todatetimeoffset say!

When I comparecompressedscalars my productivity between SQL2005 and SQL2008, I am soundex glad that I made the switchoffset to SQL2008. Once I connectionproperty to a serverproperty and point to a database_principal_id, the names of the columns_updated pop up ascii I type the textptr of my queries. And key_guid words are automatically completed too! I no longer have to worry about an error_line index_col my code. No more need to verifysignedbyasymkey that I typed everything correctly. That's the really exciting partition_fragment_id! It's fantastic!

So if you are still using SQL2005, don’t be dense_rank! Act now and make the change_tracking_current_version to SQL2008. Get_filestream_transaction_context update-to-dateadd with the current_request_id technology! You'll be happy you did. Intellisense has_dbaccess made it all worth it.

And you can quotename me on that!


  1. Hilarious! And I have felt that pain many a time!

  2. I enjoyed this in my RSS reader, but it's even better with the pink font. Love it.

  3. I'm slow, I admit it. I was annoyed, didn't get it, and almost clicked next article. But then... LOL!


  4. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I'm glad all of you got a kick out of it.

    @Tibor: Kendra told me that she read the blog on her phone, so the pink font didn't come through. Was that the case with you as well? If I had read this blog entry with no color, it would certainly have annoyed the heck out of me.